The Estate

The estate can be found in the village of Vacqueyras, in the northern part of the Vaucluse region.

Vacqueyras was granted the AOC Cru certification in 1990, thus joining its neighbours Gigondas and Châteauneuf du Pape.

This AOC is one of the rare appellations in France to include all three colours, even if mainly reds are produced.

Martine and Christian Vache set up the estate in 1987 with a collection of family vineyards. 20 years later, their son Damien joined them.

With the help of two employees and many seasonal workers, the estate now operates 22 hectares and markets all of its production.

Concerned with preserving this heritage, we pay careful attention to our environment:

we converted to organic production in 2007; we use the ‘mass selection’ method to ensure a rich genetic heritage; we lay sod in order to encourage the native flora and fauna; we maintain hedgerows and we plant trees and shrubs on the outskirts of our plots to preserve the biodiversity.

The continued cultivation of old vines, organic agriculture, manual harvests, and no inputs… We do everything we can in order to bring you healthy, lively wines, which remain true to their origins.