Domaine de la Monardière

Vacqueyras France

Welcome to the website of the Monardière wine-growing estate in Vacqueyras, which lies in the southern Rhone valley region.

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Attached to our land and our values, our aim is to produce unique and authentic wines: the fruits of our terroir and work.

Through this website, we wish to share this philosophy with all those who have tasted our wines or will do so in the future.

  • 01. Les 2 monardes
  • 02. Jeu de garri
  • 03. Vieilles Vignes
  • 04. Galéjade
  • 05. Les Calades
  • 06. Le rosé
  • 07. Le Grain
Discover our wines

Therefore, you will find information about our terroir and the ways in which we work, as well as fact sheets about the wine varieties we produce.

Wines and Cellar
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